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by Peter Warrior

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"All aboard, landlubbers!"

I admit it: when I was a child a had several laundry powder boxes full of playmobils. I was really fond of medieval themed, though soldiers and knights had to get along with policemen and firemen and it wasn't usual that a firefighter truck sieged my beloved castle (which actually was Grayskull's castle, by the way) while my cat auto-gave itself the role of a furry dragon messing it all till I pulled the carpet. What I never had was the pirate ship. I promise I asked Santa for it every year, and even when I got my Spectrum 48k I missed it. Oh, the eighties.

This app requires an extra download of 161Mb, not big deal nowadays. This game recreates a fantasy archipelago where you can fulfill umpteen missions and quests, meet classic figurines and discover the latest Playmobil releases. Meanwhile, you will have to set your camp up, manage your crew and sail around. Game's free, though pirates with a bank card can spend real money to boost their progress. Cabin boys have to work the hard way.

Everything regarding Playmobil Pirates is lovable and taken with care. Graphics, sounds and gameplay are outstanding, and we foresee that we have here the beginning of a new and successful franchise.

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Dec 21, 2012

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